The One Nativity Play That Never Gets Old - Where Is That Little Star Now?

The one village church Nativity that never, ever gets old.

In fact for many it signals the beginning of the festive period when this starts to to do the rounds.

It seems no matter how many times you may have scene the clip it never fails to disappoint - it is pure joy.

For those that have never actually had the sheer unadulterated pleasure here's your chance and for those that enjoy it every year why not sit back again and watch it...hankies at the ready. 



Our Spring Chicken's have commented expressing their pure enjoyment; 

I have loved this every year. I also love the expression on the face of the little boy in the front.

She only done what her mum told her to do. Brilliant little girl.

Brilliant it comes up on my phone every year and still makes me laugh!

The clip was filmed back in 1996 and has had over 2million views since. The enthusiastic youngster can be heard doing exactly what her Mum had told her,

sing up so Mummy can hear you at the back.

Ellie Sergeant is the star of the show, posted up on Youtube by her sister. Ellie describes the video as,

three minutes of embarrassment.

but has said she is overjoyed at the amount of festive cheer it seems to bring people year after year. 

Sadly Ellie didn't continue a singing career and instead is a successful law graduate. Whilst we're sure the world of law is enriched by Ellie's addition we can't help feeling what could've been if she had persisted!!

...and finally did you know there was a second clip? So sit back with your favourite drink and enjoy this....

Merry Christmas and thank you Ellie for the Joy and laughter you bring us every year. 

 Let us know in the comments below how much you enjoy this very special Nativity or let us know about your own experiences, we'd love to hear from you.  


Header Image - Hannah Sergeant/YouTube

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Lena Dunne

So funny. Her joy is unabated. Wonderful to see and hear. Boy in front is wondering what he’s done to deserves this.

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