The Birth of Do-It-Yourself - Is It Your Heaven or Your Hell?

Some men love it, some men botch it - it is do-it-yourself. It's the Marmite of hobbies.

Whilst for some spending weekends evening and bank holidays building and fixing stuff that barely needs building or fixing is their idea of heaven but for other's, it's simply hell on earth!

During the Fifties the culture of DIY really took off. Prior to this, men had retired to the garden shed to build wooden models or assemble a radio kit.

The magazine Hobbies helped with directions behind many ideas. Now it was the moment for men to turn their attention to bigger projects in the house.

The Black & Decker drill was the power behind many projects and top of many a man's Christmas list.

The arrival of magazines ensured this new enthusiasm didn't dwindle, Practical Householder (1955), Do It Yourself (1957) and Homemaker (1959). Housewives were often shown as lending a hand. 

What category do you fall into is it your heaven or hell?

Let us know your DIY adventures in the comments section below. We'd love to hear from you! 

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Header image courtesy of Robert Opie at The Museum of Brands

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