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How did you get on with today's optical illusion challenge? If you think you got it scroll down to check your answer and check out our 10 interesting facts about this iconic logo. 

If, like some of us in the office, you struggled then don't worry we are here to put you out of your misery. As with most optical illusion challenges you can fall foul of how hard you try.

The key to the mind bending puzzle is to relax and almost disengage from the image in front of you. Hopefully then the secret will be revealed. 

Optical Illusion Challenge #9 Answer

This legendary logo has been around since 1937, although it has had several facelifts since its first inception all those years ago. The logo we recognise today has been pretty much the same since 1945. 

The logo in question is of course the VW logo denoting the Volkswagen brand.

VW Camper van volkswagen Optical Illusion challenge www.springchicken

10 Interesting Facts about Volkswagen

During the 1960s the VW Beetle car became the car of choice for the counterculture. Both the VW Beetle and the camper van opened a world of adventure for a generation that wanted to explore! 

 We thought we would pull together 10 interesting facts about the iconic VW brand that you may not know.  

  1. The simple air cooled, VW Beetle was the first car to sell over 20 million only to be surpassed by the VW Golf in 2002.
  2. The very first Beetle came off the production line back in 1938. It is credited that the seed idea for the VW beetle chassis came from an 18 year old Hungarian student, Bela Barenyi. The VW Beetle is now the longest produced vehicle in automotive history!  
  3. The Beetle is also known as the turtle in Bolivia, the frog in Indonesia and the ladybug in France. But I think we prefer to stick with beetle.
  4. The Beetle has a cult like status across the world. However, this wasn't always the way. When the Beetle was intorduced to the United States back in 1949, the car buying public was not impressed. The VW Beetle sold only two units in it's first year. It seems the Americans were still very suspicious about anything produced in Germany.
  5. It wasn't just the Americans that shunned the beetles in the early days. VW legend has it that after the Second World War, VW Beetle production was planned to move to the UK. However, Ivan Hirst the British engineer credited with rescuing the VW from WWII Germany, commented,"the vehicle does not meet the fundamental technical requirement of a motor-car and it is quite unattractive to the average buyer." 
  6. If Ivan Hirst thought the Beetle was ugly, he obviously hadn't set his eyes on a VW Thing.
  7. As if the design and pedigree wasn't enough. VW knew how to advertise the car. It shirked common advertising practices opting for anti-ad campaigns instead. One campaign insisting 'Don't worry if you run out of gas you can push it'. Undeniably, VW knew their target audience would respond to the quirkiness of the ads. Particularly the one boasting the VW's ability to float, whilst it would due to its sealed undercarriage, VW thought it prudent to point out that it wouldn't float indefinitely. 
  8. The most expensive VW Beetle of all time? There are VW's that have been souped up and some that have been encrusted with diamonds there is even one that appeared on The Beatles, Abbey Road album. But none of them cost more than what James Monaghan paid his brother, Thomas for his VW Beetle. James Monaghan was the co-founder of a small family run pizza company, Domino's Pizza. Back in 1961, James really wanted his brother's VW Beetle to attract the girls, so traded him his 50% stake holding in the family business. In 1998, Thomas sold his shareholding for over $1 billion!!  
  9. This cheap 'people's car' was in fact designed by Ferdinand Porsche. Yes, Ferdinand Porsche better known for making not-so-cheap 'people's cars'.  
  10. The VW Beetle has played lead roles in numerous Hollywood movies besides the Herbie films. The little star has appeared in Quantum of Solace, The Shining and Footloose. 


Volkswagen Beetles have been around for a long time and their popularity seems to grow and grow.

They’ve been featured in movies, on television, and even in song lyrics. If you have any VW stories, let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear fomr you. 


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