Springchicken's Optical Illusion Challenge #7 World Cup trivia 1966

Today's optical illusion masks a significant date in the 1960s. As with all optical illusions, the string of 8 digits will reveal themselves when you are least expecting it.

So, relax and look away focus on something else in the room then slowly glance back hopefully the numbers will manifest themselves. Although it is definitely one of our more bamboozling illusions.

If you think you've nailed it just scroll down the page for the answer as well as some trivia that you can impress your friends with.   

The Optical Illusion Challenge #7 Answer 

Did you manage to find the hidden date?

It was of course 11th of July 1966. If you were lucky enough to be anywhere near Wembly on this date you will know it was the date that England won the World Cup.

The answer is 11071966

10 Interesting Facts about the '66 World Cup

The 1966 World Cup was one that every Englishman will recall all his life. As with so many momentous occasions, everyone remembers where they were when they heard the news that England had become victorious on that momentous day beneath the twin towers of Wembley Stadium.

Here we endeavour to explore some interesting facts about the 1966 Wrld Cup that will impress your friends. 

  1. A ticket to the final could be picked up for 10 shillings that's just 50p in 'new' money. Back in '66 football really was a game for the working man. A whopping 96,924 attended the event and an even more impressive 32.3 million watched on TV.  
  2. England was the only side from the United Kingdom to make the finals that year. 
  3. Franz Beckenbauer, the German Wunderkind, nearly didn't play in the final. Beckenbauer had actually received a card in the USSR semi-final which meant technically he would miss the final. However, FIFA decided that the second card should stand as it was a refereeing error. 
  4. The legendary goalkeeper Gordon Banks had problems at home when he bought home the winner's medal. Gordon's wife, Ursula was German and in two minds who to support in the final.  
  5. The match ball, disappeared from the pitch whilst the England team were basking in the glory. Traditionally the hat trick hero, Geoff Hurst would be entitled to lay claim to this crucial piece of football memorabilia. However, Germany's Helmut Haller had other ideas. The opening goalscorer, Haller had tucked the ball under his arm and strode off the pitch at the end of the game. The match ball took another 30 years before it was returned to British shores! 
  6. England had lost the World Cup earlier that year! As bizarre as it sounds, England had indeed lost the World Cup in March 1966. The Jules Rimet trophy had been stolen and was being ransomed for £15,000. A full 7 days of the police investigation and criminal skullduggery ensued before the trophy was found by Mr Corbett's dog Pickles, stashed under his hedge. The plot was straight out of an Ealing comedy! 
  7. England had already beaten West Germany in the race to host the '66 World Cup. Luckily the vote in Rome had finished England 34, West Germany 27.  
  8. Contrary to popular belief Jimmy Greaves was deemed as fit enough to play in the final. However, Sir Alf Ramsey did not want to change a winning side and Geoff Hurst kept his position. Sadly, it was only the 11 players on the pitch at the end of the game that received the winner's medals!
  9. It was a strange year. North Korea provided the shock of the tournament by sending two times World Cup winners, Italy home. They then went 3-0 up against an in-form Portuguese side, featuring Golden boot winner, Eusebio. The Portuguese were not to be outdone as they staged a heroic comeback winning the game 5-3.   
  10. Each player got £1,000 bonus money each for winning the World Cup. Bizarrely there was one other person that received considerably more. David Corbett, owner of Pickles the dog, received £6,000 in reward money! 

Well in the words of Kenneth Wolstenholme, 'They think it's all over. It is now!'

Let us know your memories of the 1966 World Cup Final, we would love to hear from you in the comments section below.  



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