Springchicken's Optical Illusion Challenge #2

How is it that some people can solve these optical illusions straight away but for others it takes time? It seems your eyes can play tricks on your brain causing mixed messages.

In fact, often it is easier not to try at all and simply glance at the image for the best chance of recognising the hidden subject matter.

They say if you remember the '60s you weren't really there, man. However, if you can still find this popular '60s beat combo you are still as sharp as ever.

Optical Illusion Challenge #2 Answer

The '60s were a time of great change, these four lads from Liverpool were at the forefront of the revolution. Nothing was to be the same in pop music after The Fab Four hit the top of the hit parade with their first 45, Love Me Do, back in 1961.

The answer to the challenge is of course, The Beatles. 

 The Beatles led the way for The British Invasion of the US music scene and for a whole decade ruled the charts. Even today the Beatles are still the best selling music act of all time, acehiving an eye-watering 600 million units globally.   

10 Interesting Facts about The Beatles.

The Beatles are still a major force in contemporary music, nearly 50 years after they split up. we have trawled through the history books to find some lesser-known facts about the Fab Four you might not know. 

  1. The Beatles first LP was recorded in less than 13 hours. George Martin was intent of harnessing The Beatles raw live energy. The Please, Please Me album was a global sensation and Martin's instincts were proved right once again.  
  2. John Lennon and Paul McCartney had an almost unheard of agreement when it came to writing credits. Regardless of their input they split the credits 50/50, luckily both members were hugely talented song writers, so it was a fair deal in the long run!  
  3.  The Beatles once failed to attend a reception held by the First Lady of The Philippines, Imelda Marcos. It was an unintentional snub, only made worse by the right-wing press in the Philippines. However, in later years Ringo was to comment, “I hated the Philippines. We arrived there with thousands and thousands of kids, with hundreds and hundreds of policemen – and it was a little dodgy. Everyone had guns."
  4. In 2021 Paul McCartney's net worth is estimated to be approx. £800 million (US$1.2billion). Not bad for a boy from 20 Forthlin Road, Allerton.
  5. Paul McCartney's brother, Peter Michael McCartney aka, Mike McGear was also a successful performer, fronting '60s sensations, The Scaffold.  
  6. John Lennon was a terrible driver. It wasn't until he turned 25 did John Lennion pass his driving test. Unfortunately, a car crash in Scotland in 1969 pretty much ended his driving for good. Luckily, he had enough in the bank account by then to employ a driver. It is rumoured that his ever-failing eyesight contributed to his poor driving. By the 1970s John Lennon's doctor had declared him legally blind.
  7. George Harrison stepped in and backed one of the most ground-breaking British comedies of all time, The Life of Brian when EMI films bailed. Without Harrison's deep pockets The Life of Brian would not have seen the light of day. 
  8. George Harrison's film company produced some of the best British films of the 20th century. The Life of Brian, The Long Good Friday, Time Bandits, Mona Lisa, Withnail and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels to name just a few.    
  9. Frank Sinatra elevated a Beatles song, 'Something', to legendary status when he decreed it as, the 'best love song ever written'. The George Harrison penned, 'Something' was to appear on Sinatra’s brilliant 1979 album Trilogy: Past Present Future.
  10. Back in 2010, The Beatles received the Papal seal. The 1966 album, Revolver, hit the number one spot on the heavenly top 10

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