Springchicken's Mindbender Challenge #5 opticla illusion

An optical illusion can keep you guessing for hours. Today’s optical illusion challenge is particularly tricky as it is just a series of 8 numbers. So those of you that were looking for an image, sorry. 

We decided to step the challenge up as so many of you were saying last week’s challenges were too easy! Even though we really struggled with some of them here in the office.

It looks like we may have underestimated the Springchicken audience, foolish we know! 

The Mindbender Challenge #5 Answer

 Today’s challenge was slightly different we opted for a string of 8 numbers. But not just any old numbers. These numbers are of a memorable 1960s date.

The clue 'everyone remembers where they were when they heard the news' on this date. On 22.11.1963, President John F Kennedy was assassinated, the news rocked the world. This single event marks the 22nd Of November as one of the most notable in the history of the 20th century.

The answer is of course 22111963.

10 Interesting Facts about 22nd November 1963

It seems, from the moment the shots rang out on Dealey Plaza that sunny day in November 1963 people have been writing about the event. That very day conspiracy theories were born that would last for decades. 

We thought we would pull together some interesting facts about the event.   

  1. President Kennedy was the fourth US president to be assassinated. The previous three were Abraham Lincoln, 1865, James Garfield, 1881 and William McKinley 1901.  
  2. Just 11 days earlier. President Kennedy had been laying a wreath for Veterans Day at the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery. Who was to know that just 3 weeks later Kennedy himself was to be laid to rest on that very same cemetery? 
  3. Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) became president just 99 minutes after Kennedy's passing. He took the oath of office above Air Force One. 
  4. The assassin, 24-year-old Lee Harvey Oswald, used an Italian Carbine rifle he had purchased for $19.95. 
  5. The most studied 26 seconds footage of the event was taken by a Dallas dressmaker Abraham Zapruder on an 8mm home movie camera. Within 24 hours of the assassination, Zapruder was to sell the footage to Richard Stolley, editor at Life Magazine for a reported, $150,000. There was only one condition Zapruder made upon selling the film, frame 313 the frame showing the bullet's impact was not to be distributed. 
  6. Although Zapruder has been much maligned for profiting from the grisly footage. He did donate $25,000 to the widow of officer J.D Tippitt who was also killed by Lee Harvey Oswald.
  7. Lee Harvey Oswald's fate was sealed just two days and seven minutes later, in the very same hospital where Kennedy's body was, Oswald passed away. Jack Ruby, a local club owner and small-time hoodlum administered the lethal shots.
  8. Jackie Kennedy did remarry; her final resting place is next to her first husband John F Kennedy. Reunited for eternity.  
  9. At the cemetery, at the bequest of Jackie Kennedy Irish cadets were to perform a special drill. The Irish traditional song The Mist Covered Mountain was also played.  
  10. President Kennedy's last words were, 'No, no you can't.' in reply to the First Lady of Texas, Nellie Connally saying, 'You can't say that Texas doesn't love you.'

 The 22nd of November 1963 is one of the most significant dates of the 1960s. It seemed for many their hopes of a bright, brand-new future slipped away that day.

However, no matter what your political persuasion, it was one of the saddest days in the political history of America.

Can you still recall where you were when you heard the news? Why not let us know in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you. 


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