Springchicken's Mindbender Challenge #4 Optical Illusions Decca

Who doesn't love an optical illusion? These mindbenders will get your brain doing backflips. What better way to exercise the old grey matter? Your brain has to question what your eyes are seeing.

How well did you do today? This was the toughest one of the week. Some of us in the office even when told, still couldn't identify the imagery.

So, if you managed it, well done you are definitely in the top class!  

The Mindbender Challenge #4 Answer

We opted for one of the best-known British record labels of the 1960s. We have probably all watched it spinning on our record players for hours.

 Whilst listening to Billy Fury, Tom Jones or The Rolling Stones the logo is branded on our subconscious.

The answer is of course Decca Records, the iconic British record label that started back in 1929.

10 Interesting Facts about Decca Records 

Decca records have a long tradition of investing in new talent and developing them to major artists. Currently, they record some of the best known artists in the business. Including Gregory Porter, Dame Shirley Bassey, Diana Ross and Andrea Bocelli.  

  1. Decca records emerged from a company based in Sheffield owned by the Solomon brothers. It was set up in 1832 initially to make tortoiseshell handles and Bakelite knobs to become one of the biggest names in 20th and 21st century music.
  2. During the war years. Decca struggled to produce records due to the restrictions on raw materials like shellac. However, ever the innovator, Decca offered customers discounts for returning unwanted records so the shellac could be recycled. The first circular economy. It was undoubtedly decades ahead of its time. 
  3. The contribution to the war effort didn't stop at just entertaining people and keeping their spirits up. Decca also developed The Navigator detection system which enabled the allies to detect and clear mines, crucial to success on D-Day. The Navigator was to continue to become an integral part of the Admiralties defence system and by the 1970s over 30,000 ships had the system installed worldwide.   
  4. A subsidiary of Decca, Brunswick Records was to release a 45 that would change the landscape forever. In 1954 Brunswick released Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley and His Comets. This single first heard on the soundtrack of Blackboard Jungle was what teenagers wanted to spend their money on. Nothing else would do, Rock and Roll were here to stay. 
  5. As ever Decca were at the forefront of the teen revolution signing young talents like Tommy Steele, Lonnie Donegan and Billy Fury. 
  6. On New Year's Day, 1926, a four-piece beat combo for Liverpool auditioned for Decca. Unfortunately, they simply didn't make the cut, the group, The Beatles, were to go on to take the world by storm when they finally signed for EMI's Parlophone label. It goes to show you can't win them all. 
  7. Instead of The Beatles, Decca chose to sign Brian Poole and The Tremeloes. 
  8. in 1963, George Harrison recommended that Decca's Mike Smith sign up The Rolling Stones, a new hard hitting R&B group. Decca were back in the game.  The Rolling Stones were just what Decca needed to compete globally with the huge success EMI's Parlophone were having with The Beatles and The Mersey Sound. 
  9. Decca was aware that it wasn't just the youngsters that wanted to buy vinyl. The older generation were still wanting to spend their hard-earned money too. Amazingly, Decca released The Sound Of Music, soundtrack album and it was to become the bestselling album of 1965, 1966 and 1968! It spent 70 weeks at the top of the UK album charts. The huge success of the album saw it land as the second most successful album of the decade!  
  10. It was Decca that bought opera to the masses. Kicking off with Pavarotti’s Nessun Dorma, hugely popular during the 1990 FIFA World Cup, after being adopted as the BBC's signature tune. The production of The Three Tenors, album on the back of Nessun Dorma's success, was to confirm operas place in modern culture, thanks to Decca. Decca continues to back such classical artists as Katherine Jenkins, Russell Watson and  Andrea Bocelli. 

The best of Decca can be located on this brilliant Spotify playlist.

Why not pour yourself a glass of something special and let the music play. Don't forget to let us know your favourite Decca artist in the comments section below.


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