Sack race to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee street party

So, you're organising a street party for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebration. Are you feeling the pressure yet? What were you thinking when you volunteered to do it? What are your plans after the food is eaten and the songs are sung?

We've pulled together some ideas that will keep your party bubbling along just nicely with the help of a little more proper bubbly of course! 

Are you ready to get your Platinum party started?

Street Party Ideas and Activities 

The street party as we know them probably started back in 1919 and were called 'Peace Teas'. These were gathering designed for children that had suffered because of the First World War and the global flu epidemic of 1918. 


The tradition continued to gain momentum from there and a wonderful British tradition was born that we continue to this day. When was the very first street party that you remember? (Let us know in the comments section below.) 

We have pulled together some ideas that will help your party go with a bang! 

If you are still unsure on how to get the party started then check out this fantastic site The Street Party Site and it will give you everything you need to know.

Pavement Pictionary

This is a perfect option for the younger party goers. It simple easy and fun. All you need to do is cordon off a part of the street and distribute a box of chalks. Everyone knows the rules to Pictionary so let the fun commence!

Queen chalked onto tarmac pavement

Or if they just want to create suggest a theme so that they have a goal. Why not the Queen you might be surprised what the youngsters come up with. It can be fun to get everyone working on one big image  

How low can you go? The Limbo game.

Often this can become the most competitive of games particularly after a few cocktails have been consumed. It’s so easy to set up. You just need to keep a running record of who achieved what as we guarantee people will be coming back for more as the night progresses.

Fancy Dress competition.

This is a tradition older than street parties themselves. There’s nothing we love more than getting dressed up in some crazy outfit.


Water Balloon race. 

This one is guaranteed to raise a smile. The water balloon race involves people racing whilst keeping a filled water balloon between their knees. There will not be a dry eye in the street. If you want to take it up a level try water balloon relays. Here the participant must make the exchange of the filled water balloon without using their hands. Warning the relay is only for professionals!    

Space Hopper race. 

This one harks back to the halcyon days of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. These orange monsters are guaranteed to get every 50-year-old jumping for joy. Just grab onto the ears and let the mayhem begin!


3-Legged race 

There’s no better and simpler race than the 3-legged race. Put all competitors’ names in a hat and pick out a partner this helps to break the ice and assures no cheating. The 3-legged race is bound to get the blood pumping and the competitive spirit roused.

Sack Race 

Nobody ever grows out of a sack race, old and young love them in equal measures. It is perhaps a good idea to schedule this before too many refreshments have been imbibed or breathalyse before handing the sack over!   

Decorate your bike competition 

Here’s another competition that stemmed from our Springchicken memories of the Silver Jubilee of 1977. Dress your bike up so that it becomes something even more special. A space rocket, a golden Queen’s carriage or a bat mobile were all popular choices back in 1977.

Wheelbarrow race 

The last of the races and probably one best left to the youngsters. Remember no matter how much fun it looks A&E can be a lonely place over a long bank holiday weekend!

Tug of War

More than just a contest of brawn. A good tug of war team requires planning and strategy too. The contest is thought to date back to Ancient Egypt and is a must for any Street Party. A great way to pit street against street for the Neighbourhood title!


Who needs Party at the Palace, Platinum Jubilee Pageant or Big Jubilee Lunches when you have any or all the above lined up?

Make sure that whatever you have planned to celebrate her Majesty the Queen’s 70 years of service you take time to enjoy it yourself.

The extended bank holiday will give you a chance to strengthen your local community as other ‘members of the public’ become close neighbourhood friends.   


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Sack race Wiki commons (CC BY 2.0) 

Chalk Queen Efraimstochter  Pixabay


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