Sewing memories

Did you love sewing classes at school? What was the hardest: sewing on sleeves or threading a bobbin? Would you have preferred to do metalwork or woodwork?

For many young girls, their very first sewing experience was at school, which involved making an apron and cap for domestic science class. While some pupils found Domestic Science O-level to be the hardest exam in history, others loved sewing classes so much that they actually went on to teach textiles or work in dressmaking.

Perhaps the prevailing loathing of needlework is routed in previous 'tyrannical teachers' the dreaded theory side of lessons, or (for a few) the awkwardness of left-handedness.  

Sewing bobbins

Members of our Spring Chicken community have been reminiscing on their sewing classes:

I wasn't allowed to use machines. My sewing and knitting were wonky, but when I turned 20 I used a hand turned machine and taught myself until I was confident enough to buy an electric one. I made most of my clothes and ended up working in a wool shop and knitting complicated orders for customers don't let school failures put you off! I am71 now, and I have never been without a sewing machine. I still make all my soft furnishings and clothing alterations, and my friends/neighbours come to me to do theirs. There is a saying: never underestimate the power of a woman with a sewing machine. It's true!

Sewing is my worst nightmare. I once took 40 minutes to thread the needle (which was the whole lesson).   

I think we can all agree the motto of today's lesson is definitely

Never underestimate the power of a woman with a sewing machine.

Let us know your sewing memories in the comments below - Did you love it or loathe it?

Do you still sew today? What is your greatest sewing achievement?

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Sonia Smith

My favourite lesson at school, made all my own clothes for many years, including my wedding dress.

Doreen Spencer

I am still sewing at 83 and one and two of my achievements is making a wedding dress for my niece and my daughter bridesmaids dresses

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