Jacko Monkey - Were You Lucky Enough To Own One?

Were you lucky enough to own a Jacko Monkey? Do you still have one?

Jacko Monkey, originally native to Woolworths, was a popular choice of toy in the '60s and '70s.

With his plastic hands and feet and stripy t-shirt and trousers, he has been cherished for years on end.

Check out our collection of real-life Jackos - courtesy of our SpringChicken Facebook page. Some of these are nearly 70 years old!! Don't they look great?

Most people took Jacko everywhere to bed, on holiday, to the dentist - and some regret leaving their monkey behind when moving to a new house!  

Members of the Spring Chicken community have been sharing their memories:

 I bought one for my son, but he now lives upstairs in my house. Every time my son comes to see me, he leaves it behind. He says he doesn't want to take it with him as his kids would wreck it. I think he still secretly has feelings for Jacko!

Another Spring Chicken recalled;

I bought my daughter one when she was two. We were on holiday and there was a man with a monkey and people were having their photos taken with it. She kept saying how she wanted her own, so I saw Jacko in the shop and bought it for her. She decided it needed a dummy, so I ended up making a slit in its mouth for the dummy.

Some Spring Chicken's still live in hope;

I've asked Father Christmas for one every year, but no luck.

Some Jackos recalled if you pulled the string on his back:

He'd either say, 'Have a banana, munch munch munch' or 'Come to my tea party!'

When was the first time you saw Jacko? Was he swinging amongst the other toys in Woolworths?

Did yours end up with one ear, chewed toes and a wonky eye? Does your Jacko now live in the attic? Let us know in the comments section below, we'd love to hear your memories.

All images are real-life Spring Chicken Jackos!

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I had a jacko money I took him to bed every night but I use to wet the bed(please to say I don’t now lol,) so one day while I was at school my stepdad chucked him away, I missed him for years I’m now 53 and my mum bought me one of eBay for my 53 birthday (think she felt guilty that dad chucked him out) he now sits with me on the sofa ( he’s still got his original clothes been looking round the charity shops to get him a new outfit has he’s really indeed of one but I still love him the same

Michele Manning

I have my jacko and I want to sell him now as he needs a new home where he can be loved so much than me.

Eva Gamble

Please can we have some information on Jacko Chimps and is it possible to buy one

Debra Williams

I loved mine as a child but i called him Charlie. when i was about 8 my mum threw him out on the dustbin without me knowing and i cried for hours then the next day my granddad came down the rd on his horse and cart and there was Charlie sitting up front holding the reins. Dont know what ever happened to mins she must have got rid of it eventually Im 60 now and I would still love one


My sister had hers when she was still in her cot was frightened of him at first wouldn’t go near it, then one day he became her true companion for many years . It’s her 60th birthday this year and I’m looking to buy one for a lovely surprise present


I have had mine for over 50 years! My mom bought it for me. He use to travel with me. Now I dress him up in different outfits and he even has an Instagram page: kestaly49

Catherine Lambshead

I still have mine. He’s about 43 years old. My mum tells me I used to say I wanted one every time we went to Woolworths and then one day they had all gone and I cried. She ended up ringing friends in other parts of the country to find one. It was the best Christmas present ever!

Pam le breton

Had one when I was a child , would love to get one again ,where do you think I could buy one ? Many thanks

Iris baddeley

Hi my in laws bought my son a jacko monkey roughly 1975 hes a bit worse for wear but we will never part with him

They went on holiday down south promised mark would bring him one back they had no luck and ended up coming back without one alas calling in our local Woolworths Nd yes got him one to this day hes not aware of the story and hes 49 now and moved out.
My husband went up the loft yesterday and hes now sitting o my setter I can never part with him

Steve Goswell

My jacko is about 54 got him as a baby from woolies but have lost his eyes bless him ! Any suggestions I think he was Chad valley ?

Jackie Gray

I still have my Jacko, This was a gift to my brother who is now 60yrs old. I was born 8 years later an Jacko was passed to me and i still have him today.


I still have mine his over 50 years old


I still have mine his over 50 years old


My jacko is 57 in my first born baby grow now. Falling to bits but I wouldn’t part with him.


The talking monkeys weren’t Jacko, they were Chatter Chimp. I had both.


Iv got a jacko monkey


Still got mine – 40 years old and still going strong! Although starting to look a little moth eared and currently dressed in an “Incredibles” baby grow!!!!


Still got my Jacko after 43 years still love him and he still sits in my bedroom

Geoff Dootson

I had a Jacko loved it he went everywhere with me my best friend until I was 8 lol

Kev hennelly

I had one when I was 6/7 years old and remember my auntie opened up the stitches to get at the voice box to see if she could repair it- to me it was like major surgery! When she stitched him up after he looked like Frankensteins monkey!my cousins pulled his ear off in the same visit so that was the time to let him go.lol

Lindsey Mogford

I have the PG tips monkey – I think his name was Cyril!!!

Marlene esprey

I have requested a catologue

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