Jacko Monkey - Were You Lucky Enough To Own One?

Were you lucky enough to own a Jacko Monkey? Do you still have one?

Jacko Monkey, originally native to Woolworths, was a popular choice of toy in the '60s and '70s.

With his plastic hands and feet and stripy t-shirt and trousers, he has been cherished for years on end.

Check out our collection of real-life Jackos - courtesy of our SpringChicken Facebook page. Some of these are nearly 70 years old!! Don't they look great?

Most people took Jacko everywhere to bed, on holiday, to the dentist - and some regret leaving their monkey behind when moving to a new house!  

Members of the Spring Chicken community have been sharing their memories:

 I bought one for my son, but he now lives upstairs in my house. Every time my son comes to see me, he leaves it behind. He says he doesn't want to take it with him as his kids would wreck it. I think he still secretly has feelings for Jacko!

Another Spring Chicken recalled;

I bought my daughter one when she was two. We were on holiday and there was a man with a monkey and people were having their photos taken with it. She kept saying how she wanted her own, so I saw Jacko in the shop and bought it for her. She decided it needed a dummy, so I ended up making a slit in its mouth for the dummy.

Some Spring Chicken's still live in hope;

I've asked Father Christmas for one every year, but no luck.

Some Jackos recalled if you pulled the string on his back:

He'd either say, 'Have a banana, munch munch munch' or 'Come to my tea party!'

When was the first time you saw Jacko? Was he swinging amongst the other toys in Woolworths?

Did yours end up with one ear, chewed toes and a wonky eye? Does your Jacko now live in the attic? Let us know in the comments section below, we'd love to hear your memories.

All images are real-life Spring Chicken Jackos!

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Lindsey Mogford

I have the PG tips monkey – I think his name was Cyril!!!

Marlene esprey

I have requested a catologue

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