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Is turning 50 such a big deal really? In our society, we tend to put a lot of stock in numbers. We're conditioned to believe that certain numbers carry more weight than others – and 50 is one of those numbers.

It's seen as a significant milestone, marking the halfway point in life. So, is turning 50 really a big deal?

Well, that depends on who you ask! Some people see it as a time to reflect on all they've accomplished so far and set new goals for the second half of their life.

Others may feel like they're only getting started and can't wait to see what the next few decades have in store. Regardless of your perspective, there's no denying that 50 is an important age!

So, whether you're just now hitting this milestone or are preparing to ring in your fiftieth birthday, you should consider all the possible ramifications of turning 50.

Is Turning 50 Such A Big Deal? 50th birthday

The term "milestone" implies that turning 50 is a turning point. It's not just another year older – it's a year that holds significance for how you see the road ahead and the legacy you hope to leave behind.

This turning point can be exciting, scary or a little of both, but it's most important to remember that turning 50 doesn't have to be the end…it's only the beginning! 

Is Turning 50 Such A Big Deal? 50th birthday www.springchicken.co.uk

Whether you're turning 50 this year or are already past this milestone, there are plenty of things to look forward to.

First and foremost, turning 50 is the time when you'll want to take stock of your personal and professional accomplishments, which can be a very rewarding process. You'll also want to move on and leave those heady 40s behind you. 


50 ways to leave your 40s 

Ok, so we've established that no matter which way up we look at it, your 50th birthday is a milestone birthday.

So what can we do to mark the occasion? 

Are you looking for some unique 50th birthday ideas? Then look no further.

We've looked at everything from gift experiences to personalised gifts and everything in between. There's some great gift ideas for all budgets and tastes that will make this special birthday go with a bang!

We've consulted the ever-creative Springchicken Facebook community and come up more than a few great ideas;

Things to do

1.Sign up with an Extras agency. What a great way to see behind the scenes. Who knows it could be your ticket to the big time. After all, Alan Rickman was 46 when he got his big break alongside Bruce Willis in Die Hard.

Are you ready for the red carpet? 

50th birthday ideas pottery www.springchicken.co.uk

2. Get ready to throw down! Try some pottery. There's nothing more therapeutic than spinning that pottery wheel. Feel the stressful 40s slip away as you complete your very first masterpiece!

Where to start? The Pottery Wheel offer some great advice. 

3. Join a magic club. You won't regret perfecting a handful of card tricks. Guaranteed to make you the centre of attraction at parties or to simply keep those grandchildren mesmerised.

4. Sign up as a voice over artist. You'll be amazed at how many voiceover jobs there are out there.

Not only is it fun but it could be a great way to get some extra cash for those singing lessons!  

5. Renew your wedding vows. Who doesn't love a big party and after what we've been through over the past couple of years, we deserve one.

What a great opportunity to get together with friends and family.  

6. Book an allotment. It's the new gym! Allotments can tick so many boxes. Keep you fit, grow organic produce and extend your social circles.

There's so much more to allotment life than simply spuds and carrots. Grow some chilies and perhaps even start brewing your own beer.

The possibilities are endless and without a computer screen in sight. Perfect! 

50th birthday ideas gin club www.springchicken.co.uk

7. Join a Gin club. One of the best things to come out of lockdown were the fruition of these great online clubs. Learn about the distilling process and the finely balanced botanicals.

Who knew there's so much more to it than a slice of lemon and a splash of tonic.  

8. Learn how to juggle. Perhaps a little clichéd but you'll be surprised how often you show this skill off once you master it.

Perfect to keep the old grey matter in shape.

9. Sign up for a wine tasting course. Or better still go on a wine-tasting weekend. It's a great way to expand your friendship groups and enjoy wine at the same time.

10. Volunteer. Don't worry, volunteering doesn't mean you're old it just means you have the life skills to share. Helping in your local library, reading stories to primary children, the list is endless and so rewarding.

Put those selfish 40 years behind you.

11. Flying lessons. What's not to love about being able to fly your own plane. Surely every child's dream.

Well, here's your chance to make it come true. 

50th birthday ideas craft beer tasting www.springchicken.co.uk

12. Go on a craft beer tasting course. The last few years have witnessed explosions of taste and variety in the beer world. No longer is it just for unkempt beardy men with twigs in their beards.

Try a spiky IPA or a hearty stout. Remember knowledge is power, the more you know the more you can bore others down the pub! 

13. Join a Cocktail club. It's time to get more sophisticated learn everything you need to know about Cocktails.

Be ready to impress your friends and family at your next party with your Tom Cruise like barman skills! 

Places To Go

14. Book a city trip. Barcelona, Florence or Reykjavik. Just do it. Life's is all about the experience.

So, start with making new memories today.

15. Go to the Theatre. You won't be disappointed. The magic of theatre should never be under-estimated or dismissed.

Why not get online today? Do some research and take in a show! 

16. Go see an opera. If you're looking for an experience that is truly extraordinary, then book a night at the opera.

You'll never forget your first time seeing an opera. It's a life-changing event that you will treasure forever, so go see it!

17. Go on a gastro tour of your town. You'll be surprised what it has to offer. Book 3 different restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Why not your 50! 

18. Go to a casino. You only live once. Unless you're James Bond of course. Experience a night at the tables and feel the rush of adrenalin.

It's a great night out when practised responsibly of course. 

19. Book a Michelin-Starred Restaurant. See how the other half live. Be careful though you might get a taste for it! 

20. Got to see some live comedy events. Perhaps Edinburgh might be too much if you're a beginner. However, many of the top comedians tour the provinces with new material continually. Get online and see who is playing near you, you'll be surprised.

You never know you might be inspired to give comedy a go yourself! 

 50th birthday ideas festival www.springchicken.co.uk

21. Book a music festival for the weekend. If you don't fancy the line ups at the big ones like Glastonbury and Reading.

There are lots more going on that are more suited to that retro sound. For instance, Love Supreme Jazz Festival 2022, Spring Gathering 2022, Cornbury Music Festival to name but a few.

Don't worry if camping isn't your thing why not upgrade and try some 'Glamping' instead? 

22. Go sledging in Scotland with your very own team of huskies. After all there's not many things in life more fun than taking your own team of huskies on an exciting winter adventure.

23. Start planning that trip of a lifetime. Have you always wanted to tour the world or travel round the US in a SUV? But don't know where to start, then reach out for the Travel Counsellors. 

People To See

24. Go see that band that you been listening to for years. Book tickets today. Don't hesitate you won't regret it. The exhilarating feeling of going to see your favourite band live is something that cannot be replaced.

Just because your over 50 doesn't mean you can't be spontaneous! 

25. Book a classic car for the weekend. Have you ever fancied driving a Rolls Royce or a '57 Chevy convertible? Why not?

It's a perfect experience without the expense of owning and insuring one. 

26. Reconnect. Perhaps your 40s have been hogged by work commitments and school functions.

Well it's time now to reconnect with old friends. Organise a reunion on Facebook.

Watch the past few decades vanish in the blink of an eye. You'll be surprised just how much fun you can have, even at 50!

27. Volunteer at a local sports club. Football teams, netball teams and cricket teams are always crying out for volunteers.

This is guaranteed to keep you young at heart.

Get active 

28. Take to the sky. How about taking a trapeze lesson? 

Admittedly this one is for the more adventurous.

Even at 50 you're not too old to run away with the circus. Here's a great place to start Flying Fantastic.

29. Take some Yoga lessons. Put all those pre misconceptions behind you. You're 50 now it's time to look after yourself. 

Yoga will help you feel more confident in your skin and teach how to take care of yourself from head-to-toe both your physical health and your mental health will benefit.

The best thing about it is you can start at any age regardless of how fit you are. So sign up today. 

30. Adopt a dog, volunteer to dog walk at your local pet's trust. Volunteering is a great way to give back and help the canine community in their time of need.

Whether you have experience or not all that matters is your time and of course your love. Why not help those pooches get back on their paws. The Dog's Trust is a great place to start.

31. Join an archery club. There are hundreds of them up and down the land. You don't need any experience to join and you'll be gobsmacked at how quickly you can pick it up.

Also a great way to build a whole new circle of friends. Since you've finished all those episodes of Game Of Thrones it's now time to Start Archery. 
50th birthday ideas archery www.springchicken.co.uk

32. Learn to dance. If you haven't been bitten by the Strictly bug this is your perfect opportunity. There are taster classes going on every day and night of the week up and down the land.

It's great fun and a way to meet new friends too.

33. Wild water swimming. A hugely invigorating pastime that is growing in the UK.

Join a club and do it properly this could be your one-way ticket to the fountain of youth. The Wild Swimming website will get you hooked!

34. Learn to Scuba dive. The underwater world is a treasure trove of wonder and mystery waiting for you to explore. You can find this world under the waves by taking up scuba diving lessons! 

Not only do you get to see what life is like in another world, but it also strengthens your mental resilience!

Scuba diving requires patience and discipline that will help anyone become more confident with themselves as well their abilities.
  Is Turning 50 Such A Big Deal? 50 years old birthday party www.springchicken.co.uk
35. Take that leap of faith. Ever thought of a parachute jump?

It's the one thing you'll never forget and the first thing you'll want to tell everyone as soon as you've done it.

Pick a charity and sponsor the event. 

36. Get back on your bike. Remember all the fun you used to have riding your bike around. Who doesn't love the feeling of wind in their hair and sunshine warming up those lungs?

It's a perfect way to stay healthy while helping our planet.

Better still it can save you money on all those short car journeys.
Turning 50 - 50th birthday ideas www.springchicken.co.uk
37. Diving lessons. This is the perfect time to face those fears!

Have you ever wondered what the view is like off the high board?

Now's your chance, get online today and book those lessons.

Get Creative 

38. Glassblowing, is a great way to learn about the history and traditions of glassmaking. You can make beautiful handmade pieces for your own collection or for gifts.

A perfect way to refocus the brain.

39. Breadmaking, once you've baked your first loaf, you'll be asking yourself what have you been doing with your life.

There's nothing quite like enjoying homemade bread with friends and family.  

40. Enrol on a course. Back to school! There's nothing like immersing yourself in something new that you love to make you feel 18 again.

The gift of knowledge is priceless.

41. Blacksmithing, surely the picture says it all! if you think you can handle the heat than this could be the one for you.

Learn a brand-new skill that dates back centuries.

What's not to like about blacksmithing? Perhaps a taster day is just what you need.

50th birthday ideas blacksmithing www.springchicken.co.uk

42. Write that book. You've got to start to write that book.

It's never been easier to write a book and publish. so don't hesitate. Carpe Diem! 

43. Learn to sing. We all like a bit of Karaoke but when about taking it just one stage further?

Learn how to control and train your voice. Who knows you could be the next big thing! 

44. Concoct your very own personal perfume or aftershave with the help of Floris of London.  

45. Put those photos in frames. Strange as it may seem, as much as we all love the benefits the digital age has afforded us. One thing it has robbed us of, is our ability to frame those special photos.

So, start today, there's nothing like framed memories to cheer you up on a cold dark winter's evening!  

46. Read more books. The first thing that starts to get side-lined as our lives become busier is our reading habits. Well now is your opportunity to rediscover your love for literature, old and new.

Why not join Audible for spoken word books often related by the authors and can be a real experience. Audible Free 30 day trial.

47. Volunteer at the local hospital as a receptionist or guide. It's a great way to give back even just one day a month. 

48. Have a portrait painted. It's the halfway mark in your life. You'll want to remember it. Check out up and coming local artists or volunteer at the local Art college.

It doesn't have to be expensive but it does have to be memorable. 

49. Join a band. Have you always wanted to join a band but never had the time. Did the teenage rock bands make you groan? 

Well now's your chance to make a difference to the history of music by starting your very own band.  

50. Did you know that 50 years ago this year the number one sought after toy on the shelves was the humble skateboard.

Why not get padded up and join a Skateboard club?

It's never too late to become a rebel, even if it's only at the weekend! 

You're Never Too Old

No matter what you decide to do. Don't let age get in the way of anything. 

Turning 50 is the best time to embrace life and to reset for the next 50!

You can still pursue dreams and goals, many people actually do their best work in the 50s. 

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy yourself and savour every moment as these truly are the best days of your life!

Is Turning 50 Such A Big Deal? 50th birthday www.springchicken.co.uk


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