Friday The 13th - Top 10 Strange Superstitions .......

We're all a little superstitious in some way or other aren't we?

Do you do the same numbers each week on the lottery or would you cross the road to avoid walking under a ladder? Have you ever had your fortune told or your Tarot cards read? 


It seems that when we come to think about it our lives are littered with small little behavior quirk that could be described as superstitions.

It is more common that you think, from elite Sport people like 5 time Ballon d'Or winner, Cristiano Ronaldo's penchant for always putting his right foot onto a pitch first to Auntie Mildred's refusal to allow a hat on the bed, it is rife when we stop and think about it. 


Top10 Superstitions From Across the Globe...

We have taken a moment to scour some of the more unusual superstitions the world over but please do let us know yours in the comments section below....

1 - Three on a match - this is said to have originated among soldiers who thought that by the time the 3rd cigarette was lit a sniper would have had time to get them in his sight!

2 - Yo-Yo ban back on 21st January 1933 the Syrian Prime Minister Haqqi al-Azm banned yo-yos for fear they caused drought! 


3. Never put a pair of shoes on a table. This may have something to do with indicating the death of a person if their shoes were placed on the table it inodiated they were not wearing them and in fact were dead - in the days when people didn't have more than one pair of shoes I suppose. Another belief common in the North of England is that the tradition relates to the coal mining industry. When a miner died in a colliery accident, his shoes were placed on the table as a sign of respect. 

4. Holding your breath whilst passing a graveyard. In some cultures particularly Native American cultures it is thought risky to inhale whilst passing a burial ground in case you inhale somebody's soul. 

5. Never ever 'cheers' with water. A German Superstation declares that if you 'cheers'; with water you're wishing death! That's it no more water for me! I'll stick to wine it's much safer for everyone!!

 6. Stepping on a crack in the path. Up and down the land school children can be seen to this day avoiding cracks in pathing stones for fear they would 'break their mother's back'.

7. Don't sit at the corner of a table or else you will never get married. Thought to be a Russian superstition, of which they are many strangely concerning corners too. It is believed that the corner is the point that energy good and bad is absorbed. Hence children being put in the naughty corner etc. 

8. Two mirrors facing each other. Whilst it may look cool giving the infinite reflections in Mexico and elsewhere by facing tow mirrors you are opening the doorway to the underworld allowing the devil to pass freely.

9. Eat twelve grapes one after the other on the striking of the bell at midnight to welcome in the New Year is a Spanish tradition. According to the tradition, eating the twelve grapes leads to a year of good luck and prosperity and a fruitful harvest. I wonder if wine counts? 

10. In Argentina it is said that combing wine with watermelon will cause certain death. It is the same in my house too!!

Don't forget to ;let us know your family superstitions in the comments section below. we'd love to hear them... 

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