Florins, Tanners and Shillings the Yearning For Old Time Currency.

For bringing back forgotten memories, there isn't anything much better than thinking about what you could buy with 2d or a shilling.

Today we have become used to the decimal currency which was introduced in 1971. But there was something comforting about the familiar shilling and penny coins, and the old pound notes - not forgetting the ten-bob note.

Coins had their own 'personal' names, from the farthing, which ceased to be legal tender in 1960, to the threepenny bit, the tanner (6d), florin (2/-) and the impressive half-crown (2/6d).

A Collection of Old Time Currency

Unlike today's currency which only has the Queen's head on it, in pre-decimal times coins were still in use that could date back to the Victorian era.

No wonder that many children found a fascination with collecting coins, although something that had survived in circulation for sixty years was somewhat worn and thin.

Can you remember Decimalisation? Why not share your memories in the comments section below - we'd love to hear from you.

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Images Five Pound Note Florin - (CC By-SA 2.0) by Jerry Woody Pennys

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