Double Decker Memories - 'Fares Please'

Does anyone get a bus ticket anymore?

Is it still possible to climb on board a moving bus?

Do you miss the friendly bus conductor who would punch your ticket, shout "all aboard" and press the bell: 'Ping! ping! fares please' 

Many a young lad aspired to be one, and then get a present which would reveal a bus conductor's outfit, including the all-important hat, all laid out in a box that illustrated smiling children with their satchels. 

Did you have any 'Clippies' in the family? 

Time was when virtually every family had somebody that worked on the buses. It was a good regular job to have and even led to a successful BBC sitcom 'ON The Buses'. 

What are you memories of being On The Buses? Can you still recall jumping on and off them? Can you recall when you could still smoke on them even if it was just upstairs? Let us know in the comments section below...

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Cheryl blowes

I used to be a clippie but in the 1990s, loved the old buses. I was on the 73’s going to victoria station from tottenham station. My dad was an bus fan too and used to go to the bus fairs.

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