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If you grew up in the Fifties, I'm sure you will - possibly with mixed emotions. It was one of those toys that was great fun for a few days after Christmas, but for some its appeal dwindled when the little bits of plastic started to disappear. Nevertheless, Mr. Potato Head (and you could use any fruit to make 'a funny face man') was an enduring part of the '50s toy scene, and there a stream of varieties, from a Mr. Space Head to a safari kit.

How quickly can you make Mr. Potato Head?

Click and drag the puzzle pieces below to recreate your favourite childhood toy.

Image from the book 'The Fun of the Fifties', and on view at the Museum of Brands, London Introduced from America in the early 1950s, his profile was recently revived as one of the gang in the movie 'Toy Story'.

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Liz Maxwell

I loved my Mr Potato Head. I was always getting into trouble for taking potatoes that my mum needed to make that days meals. I can hear her voice shouting “Elizabeth you bring those potatoes back now!” In a broad Glaswegian accent!

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