1960s record shop rack turning 60 in 2022

You will be amazed at what is turning 60 in 2022. What were you doing in 1962? Were you listening to the Beatles' Love Me Do? Or were you anxiously waiting for the film debut of To Kill A Mockingbird? 

No matter what you were doing, all these things, believe it or not, turn 60 in 2022! 

So, let’s dive into 6 categories from your favourite stars to iconic television series which have their 60th birthday in 2022. 

10 Stars Who Turn 60 in 2022 

Whether they look it or not, these stars are turning 60 in 2022. Are any of these stars one of your favourite actors, artists, and athletes? 

Tom Cruise 

Whilst Cruise didn’t start acting until the 1980s, he is undoubtedly one of the household names which even if you haven’t watched one of the Mission Impossible franchise (afterall there are 8!) you’ll know his name. Perhaps Top Gun or Born On the Fourth Of July are more your era.


Demi Moore 

Nineties Hollywood glamour doesn’t get much more iconic than Demi Moore with timeless films from the 1990s in her repertoire such as Ghost or Indecent Proposal, it’s unbelievable to think she’ll be turning 60 this year. 

Steve Carell 

Whilst Steve Carell has been acting since the 1990s he didn’t really come into prominence until 2005 in the comedy ‘The 40 year-old Virgin’ as well as the premier of the hit TV series ‘The Office’, based off of the British sitcom ‘The Office’.

Which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comments.

Both of which catapulted Carrell into the limelight having done many more roles since such as voicing the iconic villain turned dad ‘Gru’ in Despicable Me.


Matthew Broderick 

Ferris Bueller himself is turning 60 this year and wow if that doesn’t make you stop and think. Matthew Broderick has no doubt had a very fulfilling career since gracing our screens as the cocky yet lovable Ferris Bueller, yet this year sees him turning 60 along with other stars. 

Jon Bon Jovi  

Having released 15 studio albums and two solo albums, Jon Bon Jovi more commonly known as Bon Jovi is a renowned legend in the music industry. But time impacts everyone and Bon Jovi is turning 60 this year. What is your favourite Bon Jovi song?


MC Hammer 

Whilst not being that active in the last ten years MC Hammer will always be infamous for his 1990 ‘U Can’t Touch This’ hit which was in the top 10 of the global charts when it debuted. Not forgetting the iconic trousers which he was known for!


 Axl Rose 

For those heavy metal fans, Axl Rose if the lead singer of Guns N’ Roses. Renowned for his music their debut album Appetite for Destruction sold over 30 million copies worldwide and is still the best-selling debut album in the US. Turning 60 though is not slowing down Axl Rose, and whilst not being part of the Guns N’ Roses he’ll still perform some of their songs from time to time! 

Vanessa Feltz  

Journalist, Tv host and reality TV Star Vanessa Feltz has had an exciting career in her 60 years and continues to do so being one of the highest paid BBC presenters! 

Sir Steve Redgrave  

A 5-time gold medal Olympic rowing athlete, Sir Steve Redgrave is in his own right an Olympic legend. He is widely considered the best rower of all time – and him turning 60 is not stopping him at all as he continues to be involved within the sports community through personal projects and events.


Jimmy White 

Continuing with successful athletes, Jimmy White the professional snooker player who has won 3 Seniors World Titles is turning 60 this year. He is still very much involved in the Snooker community being a commentator for the game on Eurosport UK. 

10 Books Which Turn 60 This Year 

Whether you read them when they came out in 1962 or have read them over the years or perhaps, you’re looking for something to read at the minute. Here are ten books which turn 60 this year! 

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase - Joan Aiken   

Joan Aiken has written over 100 books for young reader. In 1962 The Wolves of Willoughby Chase was one of them. With evil governesses, heroic children, and a bunch of animals this is a classic children’s novel full of adventure and perseverance. 

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - Ken Kesey 


The Ken Kesey 1962 saw the creation of one of the most renowned villains in literary history, Nurse Ratched and one of the first antiheroes, Randle McMurphy. This book blurred the lines between madness and sanity so much so that it has inspired multiple works such as Ratched the 2020 Netflix drama.

The 1975 film starring Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito and Christopher Lloyd cleaned up at the Oscars, winning Best Actor for Nicholson and Best director for Milos Forman. 

A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess 

This book presents a nightmarish prediction of the future where the youth rebel against society violently. This dystopian book explores the divide between good and evil and all the implications which follow unbridled human freedom. An incredibly apocryphal book. 

The Ipcress File - Len Deighton  

A classic book which rebranded the previous mould of thriller books. The first book of Len Deighton and his first bestseller, saw a seemingly ordinary working-class narrator explore the disappearance of a biochemist which unexpectedly leads him to the heart of a dangerous conspiracy.

The Cold war atmosphere emanates from every page as we are reminded of a different political climate. 

The Spy Who Loved Me - Ian Fleming 


Perhaps most remembered for the creation of James Bond or 007, this is the 10th book in the chronological story of James Bond. Ian Fleming also wrote the beloved children’s story Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang. 

The Man In The High Castle - Philip K Dick 

Perhaps one of the first books to bridge the gap between science fiction and serious works of ideas, Philip K Dick recounts what the USA would look like had Nazi Germany and its allies triumphed. 

Something Wicked This Way Comes- Ray Bradbury 

A thrilling horror story, Something Wicked This Way Comes creates an insidious landscape which sees pandemonium ensures for those that encounter it. One of Ray Bradbury’s finest books. 

The Age of Revolution 1789 - 1848 - Eric Hobsbawm  

The first non-fiction book in this list. Hobsbawm recounts the death of traditions and the creation of new technology and ways of life, the first instalment in his four-book recount of history. 

Paddington At Large - Michael Bond  

The 5th book in Michael Bond’s series concerning the well-mannered, kind-hearted bear with a penchant for getting into sticky situations. Is a classic and fun children’s book. 

The Satan Bug - Alistair MacLean 


This is Alistair MacLean’s ninth novel is a thriller which sees a biological threat unleashed into the world and a race against time to prevent its use and disrupt society as we know it. 

10 Films Which Turn 60 This Year 

With so many options nowadays regarding entertainment sometimes we forget about some of the old ones, but no worries were here to remind you of ten films which are turning 60 this year yet are still a great watch! 

Dr No  

1962 saw the first Bond film come to life! With Sean Connery as the dashing James Bond and Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder. Dr No is a jampacked action film with suave agents and dangerous villains. 

A Kind of Loving  


This drama romance categorises the realities of life in one of the finest kitchen sink productions of the 1960s.

Juggling trying to escape his working-class background through a white-collar job, Vic, after finding out he got his girlfriend pregnant is rushed into marriage and dealing with his overbearing mother-in-law after having to move in with her due to the housing shortage in his Northern English town. 

The Longest Day  

A recount of the historical D-Day sees the triumph of the allied forces and the cost of such a turning point in the war. Whilst not only having the story told from the viewpoint of the allied forces but also of the German forces. 

To Kill a Mockingbird 

Based on the classic novel by Harper Lee. It is set in Alabama in the middle of the depression era where Atticus Finch decides to defend Tom Robinson, a black man, who is accused of raping a white woman.


Whilst simultaneously his children Scout and Jem are curious about their neighbours, the Radleys. An accurate picture of the ovel, which is hard to come across sometimes, makes this film a poignant masterpiece. 

Birdman of Alcatraz  

Renowned rebellious prisoner, Robert Stroud, is in prison for murdering a man. After killing a guard, he is set to continue the rest of his life sentence in solitary confinement however when he finds an injured bird and cares for it back to health, he finds a passion for life again by becoming an expert in birds.

The classic film saw Burt Lancaster nominated for an Oscar for his performance in the lead role with both Telly Savalas and Thelma Ritter receiving supporting actor nominations.

The Loneliness of a Long Distance Runner  

A tear-jerking hopeful story of a young man’s life depicted through flashbacks whilst running. A commentary on what life is like for young men in working class families.

Tom Courtenay received a most promising newcomer BAFTA nomination for his role as Colin Smith. 

Lawrence Of Arabia 


Based on the life of T.E. Lawrence, a British Lieutenant is sent to Arabia to find Prince Faisal however decides to ignore his orders instead to undertake a daring journey to attack the Turkish port.

Peter O’Toole mesmerising performance undoubtedly helped David Lean win Best Picture at the Oscars for this truly magnificent epic. 

The Manchurian Candidate 

After surviving the Korean War, Major Bennett Marco (Frank Sinatra) suffers from nightmares like those of the rest of his unit and discovers that something is seriously wrong and it all surrounds his Sergeant, Raymond Shaw (Laurence Harvey).

The Manchurian Candidate is an intense psychological noir that set the blueprint for political conspiracy films for decades to come.   

On The Beat  

A comedy where Norman Wisdom wants to be just like his father a police officer but fails at the height tests and chaos ensures once he takes of the uniform.

As ever Norman Wisdom rarely disappoints and does what he does best in one of his most successful roles. 

Billy Budd 

A happy go lucky young man, Billy Budd (Terence Stamp), enamours everyone on the crew with his charisma and happy nature apart from the Master-at-arms John Claggart (Robert Ryan) who is annoyed by Billy Budd and plots to put Billy on report.

Whilst the film was a box office flop it seen Stamp nominated for an Academy Award.   

10 Songs Which Turn 60 This Year

Whether you listened to them on the radio or bought the record here are ten songs which are guaranteed to transport you back to 1962. 

Can't Help Falling In Love - Elvis  


With so many great songs from Elvis, this is no doubt one of them. Featured in Elvis’ film Blue Hawaii it was listed as one of the greatest songs by Rolling Stone. 

Love Me Do – The Beatles 

Whilst only peaking in the UK at number 17, when it was released in the US it was a number one hit. Undoubtedly on the of the most famous Beatles songs. This Lennon and McCartney composition was to pave the way for Beatles rule for the next decade and change the face of popular music forever.  

I Remember You - Frank Ifield 

Despite the song originally being recorded in 1941 by Jimmy Dorsey. Frank Ifield rerecorded it in 1962 in a yodelling country style which instantly became number one in the UK and stayed there for seven weeks selling over 1.1 million copies. 

Telstar - The Tornadoes  

This Joe Meek song reached number one in the UK singles charts whilst simultaneously being the second instrumental single to be number 1 in the US and UK weekly charts. It was one of the first sci-fi influenced pop songs. 

The Young Ones - Cliff Richard  


This song was the main song for the 1961 film, The Young Ones. It went straight to the first place in the UK charts and retained this position for six weeks with over 1.06 million copies in the UK. 

Crying In the Rain - The Everly Brothers  

This Carole King Everly Brothers hit got onto the UK Charts in 1962 and peaked at number 6. The song went on to be recorded by artists as diverse as Tammy Wynette and Norwegian char toppers, A-ha! 

Run to Him – Bobby Vee 

Bobby Vee’s 1962 hit Charting at number 6 in the UK was a favourite among fans. It was the follow up to Vee’s number3 hit Take Good Care Of My Baby. 

Wonderful Land - the Shadows  

An instrumental piece which stayed at the number one spot in the UK’s single chart for 8 weeks something which was only achieved by Elvis Presley in 1960, the Archies in 1969 and now the Shadows in the entirety of that decade. 

Come Outside - Mike Sarne  

This song stayed in the number one position for a fortnight in the UK’s Single Chart and ranked twelfth overall for number of singles sold in 1962. Can you recall the Eastender that also appeared on the single? 

I'd Never Find Another You - Billy Fury 


The British Elvis, Billy Fury covered this song receiving a silver disc for it’s over a quarter of a million sales and ranked number 5 in the UK singles chart in 1962. 

10 Television Shows Which Turn 60 This Year 

Unlike today with the hundreds of channels to pick from on the TV, choice was a lot more limited in 1962 with Britain only having 2 channels in 1960 but here are ten television shows which premiered in 1962 – did you have a favourite TV show? Is it on our list? 

Z Cars  

With so many crime dramas these days you can have a pick of whichever you want however Z days was one of the first of its genre, following the work of the police force in a fictional town in Northern England. 

Animal Magic with Johnny Morris 

With over 400 episodes, when it started in 1962 it was a staple for children’s TV, seeing animals in a comedic and informative light. 

Steptoe & Son  


Tragedy, drama, and comedy. Steptoe and Son had it all following the life of a father and son duo in their business in London highlights the intergenerational gap between the miserly Steptoe and his ambitious son. Another Galton and Simpson comedy classic of the 1960s. 

Dr Finlay's Casebook 

Depicting the journey that Dr Finley working in a medical practice in the Scottish town of Tannonchbrae during the late 1920s. This series had around 191 episodes although only 56 are known to have survived! 

That Was the Week That Was (TW3) 

The first of its kind aired in the UK. A satirical viewpoint on the political landscape within the UK laid the pathways for many of the shows we now enjoy like The Last Leg.

Hosted by David Frost and featured many of the ‘60s cutting edge comedians including Ronnie Barker, John Cleese and Peter Cook.

The Saint  

Roger Moore kicked off his 7-year run in 1962 playing, Leslie Charteris’ Simon “The Saint” Templer travelling the world solving mysterious and righting wrongs. For many of a certain generation there will only ever be one Saint. 

Dixon of Dock Green 


Gaining popularity in 1962 for its endearing moments and law and order. Constable George Dixon and his colleague police the East End of London with understanding helping to prevent petty crime and help the residents.  

The Avengers  

The eccentric British Agent John Steed (Patrick Macnee) and his multiple different partners (usually female) finds himself in quirky situations where he must save the country from threats. 


This was a family favourite children’s entertainment show usually compiled of comedy sketches, sing-a-longs and quizzes to keep everyone engaged.

Who was your favourite Crackerjack host? Eamon Andres, Max Bygraves or Leslie Crowther? 

University Challenge 

Still running today this is a staple in any British television guide. Starting in 1962 it saw different university quiz teams battle it out against each other! Do you still watch University Challenge? 

10 Things that are 60 Years Old 

 Many of these things that turn 60 this year are still iconic in their own ways, standing the test of time. 


Who can believe that it has been 60 years since Spiderman came into existence? With the beloved superhero inspiring so many different movies, there has been a Spiderman for very generation!

Who’s your favourite spiderman? 

McDonald's Fillet-O-Fish is 60  

McDonalds is the staple to any quick fix meal you could need and that is no different for the Fillet-O-Fish which is a pleasant alternative to the only meat options which usually grace fast food places. 

The Rolling Stones celebrate their 60th anniversary.   


The Rolling Stones made their debut at London's Marquee Club, opening for Long John Baldry. It was almost inconceivable back in 1962 to think they would be still pulling in the crowd 60 years later!

Their achievements and consistency to do what they do best is unparalleled. They are without doubt the greatest Rock’n’Roll band the world has ever known. 

Westside Story album soundtrack  

The Westside Story studio album was released, so that people could sing along to at home the classic songs which created a masterpiece in the 1961 film. 

Marilyn Monroe passed away suspiciously on August 5th, 1962 

The iconic Marilyn Monroe passed away under suspicious circumstances which has spawned 6 decades of conspiracy theories. But her modelling and movies will forever be an important part of Hollywood’s history. 

The final trolleybus makes its last journey in London on May 8th, 1962 

Have you ever travelled on a Trolleybus? These were phased out in 1962 and to be replaced simply by the iconic London red busses. 

Golden Wonder introduce flavoured crisps into the UK market!  

The introduction of flavoured crisps started a whole new era of enjoyment! The first was Cheese and Onion which is still today one of the most popular flavours of crisps, it is timeless! 

The Mousetrap the game was released  

This wacky and zany family game was introduced. It was always a good time when mousetrap came out. Can you believe this game has been entertaining families and children for 60 years and shows no sign of stopping? Was it one of your favourites? 

The Cuban Missile Crisis almost took the world to the brink of war. 

Whilst already in a tension filled time due to the cold war, the Cuban missile crisis was seen to add fuel to the fire so to say, as it was worried at one point this could instigate the next world war. 

 The Sunday Times is the first newspaper to print a colour supplement. 

1962 bought us the colour supplement which we now find so ordinary in our newspapers. This was an exciting development which added a splash of colour to reading the daily news, literally! 

It's hard to believe that films like "To Kill a Mockingbird," books like "One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest" and songs like “Love Me Do" are all turning 60 this year. But time marches on, and we can only look back fondly on the memories these cultural touchstones have given us over the years. Here's to hoping that the next 60 years are just as memorable!

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