power packs

What is a powerpack?

A power-pack is a small motor and battery that attaches to a manual wheelchair. With an easy-to-use controller, affixed to the push handles, the attendant is able to effortlessly propel the wheelchair whilst remaining in full control.

Will I need to put any effort in, at all?

Absolutely not - the powerpack takes the strain of it all. You will simply need to guide the wheelchair's direction.

Does it only propel forward?

No! Our range of powerpacks offer a reverse feature, meaning tight spaces such as elevators are easily navigated at the touch of a button.

Will it fit my existing wheelchair?

It is likely that it will, yes. Our powerpack range can be fitted to an extensive range of existing manual wheelchairs. However, they have been specifically designed to fit our Strongback manual wheelchair with the simplest of connections and requiring no additional brackets. To establish what Powerpack attachments you'll need for your existing chair, you'll need to take a few measurements. Call our customer service team for more information and assistance.


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