3 top tech trends at NAIDEX


Orcam is a company which focuses on providing equipment for the blind and partially sighted.  There OrCam MyEye 2.0 has been on the market in Europe for some years however it appears it is just breaking through into the UK market. 

The OrCam MyEye 2.0 is a small device which is attached on the rim of most glasses.   To read text the camera takes a photo of the printed or digital text you are reading, the device will then read out the text to you.  After trialling this at Naidex we can confirm it does exactly what it says it is suppose to do and more.  It even has the ability to pause by placing your hand in front of the camera and you can select which sentence you want to begin on by placing you finger next to the word. 

After doing research about this product after the show it appears it also has the ability to recognize faces , identify products, credit cards and money. 

Reading reviews of users it appears the Orcam MyEye 2.0 has been an essential part of gaining back independence which may have been lost and you can see why.   



Rewalk is a new and very exciting technology making its way to the UK.  The robotic technology is leading the way in helping to improve the quality of life for those with lower limb disabilities such as spinal injury.   

The rewalk is a wearable brace, the system is battery powered with motors focused on the joints including the hip and knee. It works by sensing small movements in the individuals centre of gravity and as a result the system will initiate steps.  Apart from helping individuals walk independently it also provides benefit’s including posture, improved bowel function, improved sleeping cycles, improved wellbeing. 

This personal walking system offers individuals a walking therapy solution.  The company offers two separate systems, one for rehabilitation and one for home use.  They are designed to help provide natural walking at a natural speed at home or in the community.   Talking to rewalk at Naidex they have advised that for rehabilitation purposes it is worth contacting your local rehabilitation unit to seek a referral, rewalk will provide full training on use of the system to ensure ongoing effective use.   

The rewalk is continually undergoing active clinical trials and have a wealth of clinical publications on the website so it is worth a visit to understand more about the great work they are doing. 

Klaxon handbike  

Although these power ad ons are not new to the market they are fast becoming more and more popular.  They are electric attachments which attach onto a standard manual wheelchair at the front.  By lifting up the castors they transform the wheelchair into a power controlled system.   

They are suitable for different settings and environments and offer a small turning radius to ensure small spaces remains accessible.  They are particularly beneficial for those who struggle to self-propel distances or for more independent users who wish to engage in a more active lifestyle without the barriers of steep roads, obstacles and rougher terraine.   

There were many people trialing out the power ad on’s at Naidexmyself included.  They are easy to control around tight turns, extremely easy to use with simple adjustments to speed and easy to use handbrakes.  They are also very simple to connect and disconnect, with only a few basic instructions they were ready to use.  They are also easy to carry so for travel purposes they would offer the convenience needed to take them on any trips. 

From a price of £3500, they remove the need to have both powerchair and manual chair and allow the ease of use and accessibility to switch between the benefits of a manual chair to the benefits of  a powered chair. 


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